Ordzhonikidze st. 67, Kryvyu Rig

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Date:  18 November 2014

Place:  Town of Kryvyy Rih, Ordzhonikidze street, 67 ( 1st district area)

Organizer:  Larisa Shumskaya

Lecturers:  Alexander Fedak, Dmitriy Garniy 

Price:  1250 UAH, for regular customers 950 UAH.

VAT accounts and other innovations. Tax mitigation.  Foreign trade restrictions. Inspections of State Fiscal Service  

Program of the seminar:

•    Last changes and initiatives of  the Government in tax payments. Internet managing of VAT and VAT account. How VAT scheme will work starting from 01.01.2015? Practical examples. What will happen with tax credit opened before 1st of January?   

•    E-form of tax invoice against the hard copy. Cancelling of tax remissions. Threshold shift of obligatory registration by VAT payer. 

•    Military tax: actual explanation of State Fiscal Service.  

•    Partial return of usual prices  from 1st January 2015. 

•    Law of 14.10.2014 about the end profit receivers of legal entities. It is related to all the enterprises!